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this is the nature of our creations.


Ra, god of light, Ahura Mazda, chariots of fire in the sky.  We are inspired by our gods and make oursleves in their image.   Tantra.  Weaving our way into the future.

Shiva.  Shiva reigns supreme in the lives of travellers.  A jungly man he is and a lord Supreme.   Adorning himself in snakes, cobras and remaining an essential part of the forest element, he remains an inspirational god.  Interminably.

Nature is the greatest influence an artist can hope to emmulate.  The idea that a god is a part of everything and a part of one reminds us that nature runs throughout.  God is nature and nature is god.  Shiva is the god of the forest and the mountains, the god of Destruction.  The oneness of humanity reflected in the unity of nature.

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